The greatest gift we can give to our family members, relatives, and loved ones around us is appreciating their special days and wishing them all the best you can ever think of. We may be far away from our dear ones but our words of love can reach them anywhere in the world. So our inspirational words of appreciating their person will linger in their hearts for as long as you can imagine.

Celebrating a birthday at any age is a special event for everyone, but celebrating the 70th birthday is extra special. It is an important milestone in life we should all be happy about. If anyone of our relatives or family approaching this age would like to send this person a birthday greeting and inspire them to live their life joyfully, here is a collection of the 70th birthday messages for your dad, mom, and friends.

Congratulation messages for 70th birthday

Have a happy 70th birthday! Age is just a number, always feel young and let your inner child enjoy life fullest.

Have a happy 70th birthday! Forgetfulness is a sign of old age, so use Don’t worry about age and forget how old you are and do something you enjoy doing.

Have a happy 70th!  I send my best wishes, as you turn 70. Since you look so great, You get wiser as you age and celebrate your 70th birthday.

 I express my best wishes on the day you turn 70. I wish you many more cheerful moments and happiness! Enjoy your birthday!

Happy 70th birthday! This day is an important one to celebrate all the beautiful years that you have spent on this earth with family and friends. Love to you on this significant day!

In these 70 years, I consider our relationship is a blessing. I wish you health and happiness for years to come on this very important day!

Happy 70th Birthday! I feel thankful for all the wonderful moments we’ve spent together, and I pray for your good health and always stand by my side. Happy b’day.

Dear friend, I feel blessed, and I’m so happy that I’m able to celebrate your 70th birthday. Happy 70th birthday!

I know, you’re sweeter than anyone, and May the Almighty keep you healthy and protected always. Happy 70th Birthday to you! Today is a joyful day because you came into this world on this special day!

Words are not enough to express how glad I am for sending you birthday wishes on your 70th birthday. Happy, happy b’day!

As time flies, you realize how priceless every birthday your loved one celebrates is. I send my best wishes for your 70th Birthday! You are the one who deserves everything good in life.

I hope that whatever it is you’re wishing, May the Almighty gives you as much happiness as you haven’t imagined. Birthday wishes as you turn 70.

Happy 70th birthday to a wonderful mam.  May your day be filled with laughter, friends, love, food, and happiness.

Happy 70th birthday to the most wonderful friend I love you so much. May your day be filled with immense happiness and joy.

Congratulation Quotes for 70th birthday

70 years of sharing moments with you on this planet aren’t enough for me. I want to celebrate those birthdays because spending amazing moments with you in my life is something I treasure. Reaching 70 and looks so great, this thing is truly inspirational. Happy birthday! Always be energetic and strong. Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy 70th birthday! Turning 70 isn’t mean that you become weak because your age is just a number. Be happy, celebrate and look forward to life ahead! No matter how old you get, I’ll always be young and dynamic for me. Best wishes to you who was born 70 years ago, and made a difference by sharing your love and compassion with everyone around you.

Wishing you a wonderful 70th birthday! I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to become what I am today. I would be nothing without you. Thank you for making me, somebody. I love you with all my heart. As you celebrate this very significant milestone of your life, I pray to God always keeps his divine grace and blessings in your life.  Happy 70th birthday!

I pray today will bring lots of beautiful memories to your heart because it’s such a special day for you. Happy wonderful 70th birthday to my guide and support. I am so proud of you, I see how your love, wisdom, strength have made my world beautiful.  Wishing you many more happiness and good memories on this special day. You have been a wonderful man who always supports and shows me the right path throughout the years. May God grace you abundantly!

Happy 70th Birthday! May your remaining days on Earth be filled with lots of happiness, love, peace, and joy unspeakable. As I wish you many fruitful and wonderful blessings on your special day today. May God always keep you protected and safe always!

Today is your 70th birthday, I wish you a wonderful and joyful birthday full of blessings, love, and gifts! On your birthday, I wish you lots of love, good thoughts, and blessings. Lots of good wishes dear. I wish you a very long life, so you can enjoy all the beautiful moment’s life. Happy birthday.

You made me who I am today. I wish may have God’s blessings on this special birthday and all your heart desires may come true. Happy birthday 70th birthday! I pray all your dreams to come true today and always as you celebrate 70 years in this world. I pray God will strengthen you for the sake of your loved ones today and always. I love you!

Happy 70th birthday to the amazing person in the whole wide world. Nobody can ever take that extraordinary place I have made for you in my heart. I will remain thankful forever to God to have you in my life. You’re indeed a very expensive gift for me. To the world’s greatest person, happy birthday to you as you turn 70 today. May God give you life to live 100 years and more. You have a lot of contributions to my life, and I wish you nothing but prosperity and happiness all the days of your life.

I wish you many more wonderful things come to you as you can ever think of in life. Happy 70th birthday. May you enjoy life to the fullest for many more years on Earth.  As you celebrate this special day of yours, I want to let you know that I can never forget all the things that you’ve done for me. Your positive impact on my life is such an amazing piece of jewelry in my life so I extend my heartfelt thankfulness and a lot of good wishes on this special day.

I wish you lots of wonderful things on your 70th birthday. I always remain grateful to you for your boundless love, patience, and care. Wishing you have a very glorious birthday today. May the almighty grace you to continue your life above 100 years. I thank God for your amazing life and wish you more energy to make successful all your dreams and visions.


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